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a phenomenon on the internet. >>> good morning, america. kate snow here. we're happy to have josh elliott espn aker anchor, back with us for a second day here this morning. >> great to be back. good to be here on this sunday, january 10th. >> a lot of people wondering where bill weir is. he's been embedded with the u.s. military in afghanista diane sawyer is also there on the ground. their reports begin tomorrow night on a special edition of "world news." >> lots of news to get to this morning. >>> major earthquake struck late yesterday off the coast of california. leaving people rattled, windows broken, and power out. more on that in a moment. >>> and how did florida farmers fare overnight? we spent the night in the fields with that farmer that we introduced you to yesterday. we're going to boeing bring that story to you. >> we promised we would see how he did. >>> and a new development in the missing utah mom. her husband has packed up, he's ready to leave town. why is he relocating? why are the police letting him go? we'll talk to the missing woman's best friend, who spent a good deal of ti
$2 in coupons at non-challenge.com this is really good! >>> good morning, america on this first monday of the new year, january 4th, i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this morning, the president is coming home from vacation just a little early to confront mounting security concerns as the u.s. embassy closes its doors in yemen under threats. we're there live. >>> plus, arctic blasts. 40 degrees below in the midwest. sam will brave the cold for your forecast. >>> and the latest on the search for that missing mom. investigators discover a new e-mail from missing susan powell as her family with a new push. >>> and a new day and new year. we officially welcome george stephanopoulos and juju chang, the newest members of our team. . >>> happy new year! >> happy new year. there is an embarrassing picture in that. >> i wouldn't do that. >> yes, you would, but thank you for not doing it. >> everyone back to school and work. doll we say 2010 or 2010? >> we haven't decided. >> good morning, everyone. president obama is cutting his vacation a little short as the investiga
on thanksgiving day. a tip to "america's most wanted" helped crack the case. >>> and shark tale. the story is not just scaring swimmers. it's sparking a movement to save the beasts in the deep. dan harris jumps in the tank. ♪ please don't let me be misunderstood ♪ >>> good morning, america. kate snow here. welcoming dan harris here once again. bill is on assignment. >> you made me jump in a shark tank. >> the newbies have to jump in the tank. >> it's sunday, january 3, 2010. >> this morning, we're taking a hard look at the country of yemen. yemen is promising to crack down on al qaeda and the u.s. is promising to send more aid to help them in their efforts. >> we'll talk about why a lot of people see this country as a true hornets' nest. >>> meanwhile, here at home, people are very tense about the economy. pick up the paper, it's hard to figure out whether to expect things to get better or worse in the new year. will there be more jobs? will the housing market get better? some clear answers to the best of our ability coming up. >>> high-tech, cool gadgets on the way. we have got a firs
the saints go marching in ♪ >>> good morning, america. >> good morning, it's sunday, january 31st. a ton of confusion. very confusing story out of haiti. the u.s. military said they stopped air lifting wounded earthquake victims. the military is pointing us to the white house. they're saying there's though stop. florida is saying we'll take the victims. we're going to try to get to the bottom of it. >>> a new fire storm brewing over the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. president obama says he wants it repealed. there's a key senate hearing on it this week. with strong opinions on both sides, we're going talk to a retired officer that says repealing this is a bad idea. >>> a fascinating new link between drug addicts and people that overeat. we're talking about cutting edge brain imaging. >> all of that coming up. >>> we do begin in haiti this morning. medical evacuation flights have been stopped. time is ticking away for many wounded earthquake victims. there's a loft confusion. david wright is there this morning with the latest. >> reporter: a lot of confusion over who may have
celebrities are rallying to keep them running free. ♪ wild, wild horses >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. it is saturday, january 30th. nice to be waking up for once with some good economic news this morning. finally. the economy growing at its fastest rate in six years. the numbers paint a really bright picture. but -- there's always the but. things might not be as rosy as that. we'll break it down. >>> also this morning, the children left behind in haiti. we've heard so many heartwarming stories of orphans able to get out of that quake-ravaged country. but more waiting, thousands more, waiting to get out. what's the holdup? we'll look at the red tape. >>> also we're off to the national zoo this morning. big farewell party planned for its star attraction. i think he's crouching. >> not the most flattering picture. >> the panda, was born in 2005. he's been delighting visitors for years. and people who watch him on his panda-cam. he's being sent to china for a breeding program. >> they grow up. and then, they leave to meet girls. >>> but we begin with the unusual winter storm slam
>>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos and it is friday, january 29th. >> happy friday, everyone. i'm robin roberts. this morning, a nation on ice. 17 states under a winter storm watch or warning as a coating of ice shuts down airports, makes a slippery mess over a 2,000-mile. >>> and the white house blinks, starting to think outside of the 911 mastermind. >>> the cover-up, john edwards' voice mail and how he planned to hide his mistress' pregnancy from his wife. >> so if i'm calling saying what happened, how did this lap, what's going on? >>> brand-new details from bob woodru woodruff's exclusive report. >>> and trash talk. challenging the president to a little two on two. scott brown's hoop dreams. >> really? really? >> all right. you heard it. >>> downtown scotty brown. >> he's not stopping it stopping the health care plan. >> no. that was his nickname in college. his daughter plays college ball at bc. we'll see. a lot of news to get to folks, including the big test for president obama's renewed call for bipartisanship. he's meeting with house republicans so w
>>> good morning, america. on this wednesday, january 13th. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. breaking news this morning, a major earthquake devastates the impoverished nation of haiti. thousands are feared dead. others are trapped in the rubble. it's the worst earthquake to hit the region in two centuries. >> 3 million people affected. homes, hospitals. and even the presidential palace crumble in the face of the 7.0 quake. details still sketchy at this hour. we're live in the region. >>> also this morning, the nation's top bankers set to be grilled in congress. could any of them actually face criminal charges? >>> and conan o'brien says thanks, but no thanks. breaking down in tears in front of his staff. he tells them, if nbc moves the time of his show, he's gone. >>> good morning, everyone. our top story this morning, of course, still developing, as america and the world scramble to help haiti after that massive earthquake. one aid official says it is total disaster and chaos. the quake was centered about ten miles from the crowded capital city of port-au-pri
, america. kate snow here. bill weir's on assignment. happy to have josh elliott, from our sister station, espn. >> it's great to be here. an honor and a pleasure to be here with all of you. it's saturday, january 9th. >> we have details on the court appearance of the accused christmas day bomber. >>> also, the overnight arrest after the security scare at newark airport. >>> but we also have information you are going to want if you're one of the many people who said they're going on a diet in 2010. >> indeed. a new study showing that low-calorie frozen meals contain 20% more calories than what's claimed on the label. and it's all perfectly legal. the same study also suggesting many popular chain restaurants are missing the mark with their calorie counts. what's a dieter to do? we're going to tell you. >>> and an inspirational story this morning about a champion ice skater. 13-year-old kendall hollinger has come face-to-face with death eight times because of food allergies. it's a problem that's so severe, she has to get her food through a feeding tube. how she has reached her dreams while
with me >>> good morning, america. >> good morning, it's sunday, january 24th. you might say that president obama is getting the old gang back together. really a rough week this week. the president calling on the man who helped get him elected in the first place to help them fight off republican challenges in the midterm election. this, after a candidate came pretty much out of nowhere and won former senator ted kennedy's seat. and throw the health care reform in to turmoil. >>> policy in afghanistan. we've heard a lot about it. here's what it looks like on the ground inside a fire fight. we'll spend a day with the 212 infantry. this is not even the most difficult mission they have every day. >> in the middle of a firefight. before the massive earthquake in haiti, there were thousands of orphans there. now there are more. now, what u can do if you're thinking, i want to adopt a child. >> first, ron claiborne starts us off with the news. >> good morning. >>> we begin with the new tape from osama bin lade al jazeera aired a new audio tape in which they say is osama bin laden. h
>>> good morning, america. on this monday, january 11th, i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this morning, political bombshell. will the senate's top democrat resign after controversial comments about barack obama's skin color. republicans say he's being saved by the double standard. >>> frozen florida. more record-breaking temperatures across the south. to say the least, it was a chilly weekend for many. >>> gate crasher. it's third party crasher. did this man sneak in, too? he tells this story live. >>> the search for baby gabriel. the mother of the 8-month-old now charged with kidnapping and child abuse. still, no sign of her precious little boy. >>> and it's official. nbc pulls the plug on jay leno in prime time. the big question, is it quitting time for conan? >>> and we hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. no doubt, had you to bundle up. we'll talk about that coming up. but so much to get to, including news this monk about the book sending shock waves through washington. >> and it's not just the revelations about the democratic leader harry reid. there
>>> good morning, america, on this thursday, january 7th. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. breaking news this morning. the president is set to release his findings today on the christmas day bombing attempt. his top security adviser says americans will be shocked by what they hear. as we learn this morning that federal agents knew that the bomber was on the plane. and they were set to meet him when he landed. >>> 180 million americans are in the cold. could you believe it's colder in texas than in antarctica? our sam champion is in the middle of the storm. >>> and where is baby gabriel. the search for this boy that's been missing for weeks. did his mother really give him to strangers? we'll speak with his father this morning. >>> and the billboard e white house wants taken down. why is this giant ad here in times square causing such is a stir? >>> it's great to be wh all of you this morning. welcome. as we said this afternoon, president obama will release that intelligence report, that says that u.s. officials actually knew that someone suspicious was on boa
to shine. we'll introduce you to the marching band that broke the mold. >>> good morning, america. bill weir off this morning. happy to have dan harris here for the first weekend of the new year. >> happy to be here. thank you. good morning. it is saturday, january 2nd, 2010 or 2010. >> yeah. i'm not sure what we're supposed to say -- i'm going with 2010. >> wow. we have a fight already. >>> the president preparing for a crucial meeting of his intelligence chiefs when he returns to washington this week. he had really hoped to start this year, 2010, focusing on health care and the economy but those issues now on the back burner. his weekly address this morning and in that he provides new details about the plot to bomb flight 253 on christmas day. >>> also, we have a sports schedule to tell you about this morning that does not involve tiger woods. the nba and washington, d.c., police are investigating a report that two members of the washington wizards basketball team drew guns on one another in the team's locker room during an argument over gambling debts. we're going to take a look at w
>>> tgif. good morning, america, on this friday, january 8th. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. in the news this morning, president obama faces the country after that christmas day terror plot. and he takes the blame. >> ultimately, the buck stops with me. >> with the suspect set to appear in court today for the first time, we'll ask rudy giuliani if the president is doing what he needs to do. >>> could the winter blast get any worse? from 52 below in the north. to snow in florida this weekend. sam's still in the middle of it all. >>> missed signals. we'll tell you how the snow is causing havoc with a new kind of traffic light now being used across the country. how it's putting drivers at risk. >>> and last laugh? nbc appears set to shuffle jay leno out of primetime and back to his old time. >> it's often my experience. nbc only cancels you when you're in first place. so, we're fine. >>> and good morning, everyone. we do have several, major stories we're following this morning. >> we do. president obama saying yesterday, very clearly, we're at war with the terror
>>> good morni >>> good morning, america, on this friday, january 1st. happy new year. this morning, it's official 2010 we look ahead to the economy to the president's second year in office. plus, where you can find jobs in 2010. and all the hot new trends, we'll tell what you everyone will be wearing, eating and even doing as we welcome in 2010. >>> good morning, america, i'm sam champion with kate snow and david muir. we hope you and your family had a happy and safe new year's eve. there's no doubt outside of those windows there was a few crazies. >> hundreds of thousands packing in times square to see the ball drop. here's a little trivia for you this morning. did you know at that first ball to drop 1904 had 100 light bulbs? >> really. >> just 100. this year, they tell us 32,000. >> it sounded like a lot. >>> okay. so it's 2010 now. what does this new year hold? this year, we get into all of it, starting with the economy. 2009 such a rough year for so many people. will 2010 be better? we have the dream team for that. >>> and a look at what to expect to politics ahead. and the war
>>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> i'm robin roberts. this morning, mudslide warnings. 15 inches of rain so far bring california to the edge. will these cliffs hold? sam is live in the thick of all that mud. >>> the war on wall street. president obama ready for a fight with the big banks, as he calls for limits on their size and risky bets. >>> john edwards shows up in haiti, after admitting he fathered a love child. we get new details from the man he allegedly tried to pay to cover it all up. an abc news exclusive. >>> plus, the teenager who said the supervisor wanted a lot more than coffee. and it's not just happening at starbucks. brian ross shows us the dangers behind the counter. >>> we remember we are the world. it's being remade. this time, to help the victims of the haiti earthquake. ♪ let's start giving >>> and a good friday morning to everyone. and as always, have so much to get to, including president obama throwing down the gauntlet to the big banks. calling on new limits on their size and power. the president says he never wants to see another i
>>> good morning, america. on this wednesday, january 27th p i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. >>> this morning, hitting the brakes. toyota makes a shocking move. suspending all sales of its most popular vehicles after accelerator pedals keep sticking. it began with an abc news investigation. >>> plus, pot 'bama gets ready to deliver the state of the union, as he faces mounting criticism from both sides of the aisle. can tonight's speech turn things around? >>> the real deal on fake perfumes. who would wear antifreeze on their skin? it may be you. the surprising hazardous ingredients in some scents you think are again win. they may be counterfeit. >>> and the basketball shark. the coach that turned the play into the highlight of the week. >>> and we are so glad you could start your morning with us. and a lot to get to, as always. move by toyota.ing about this never been seen before. the world's largest automaker, halting sales of eight of its most popular calls just days after a recall. we'll look a the problem triggers such drastic action. brian ross has been a
the network. his payment for walking away? as much as $40 million. >>> good morning, america. it is sunday, january 17th. glimmers of relief down in haiti, as much-needed aid, finally reaches the people. for some, it is too little, too late. kate snow once again from port-au-prince. good morning. >> good morning, bill. you're right. there's pockets of people getting food and water that they so desperately need. in the last 24 hours, another 250 tons of relief have arrived here. there's so many people without. and living out in the streets. we've seen isolated incidents of violence, now, over that food and water. people, fighting even with gunfire in some parts of town. yesterday, we ran into a pickup truck, filled with people we thought had just been pulled from the rubble. that's what it looked like. it turned out they were looters who had been arrested. they were going through the rubble of a nicer house. they were yelling at us, we didn't do anything wrong. that's what they're yelling there. at the white house, president obama stood with presidents clinton and bush, saying promising muc
, a major step forward for america. let's make sure the health care bill is as strong as possible. under the house plan, we'll be offered good coverage at work. and we won't pay a tax on our health benefits. if you're self-employed or between jobs, you'll be able to afford insurance. and you can keep the benefits you have now. we're at the finish line, tell the president and congress, choose wisely, get it right for us. >>> the worst earthquake to hit haiti in over 200 years. aid is arriving. both america and other countries are responding to the great need here. there are no shelters, no homes. people gathering in the streets, awaiting word, awaiting help. awaiting hope. as we say good morning, america, again here from port-aurince, the airport here at the capital, i'm robin roberts. george? >> i'm george stephanopoulos here in new york. >>> also this morning, we're going to hear from some of the family members of the 45,000 americans trapped in haiti. it's almost impossible to get through to them. telephone service very spotty. their families are getting information any way they can. >
>>> good morning, america. on this thursday, january 21st. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this thorning, damage control. as the white house scrambles to salvage health care reform, the president takes some blame in our exclusive interview. what's his plan now? >>> and a bombshell expected this morning from former senator and presidential candidate, john edwards. reports he admits he's the father of his former campaign worker's child. >>> california clobbers with more pounding rain. planes are struck by lightning. and hundreds evacuate fearing mudslides. sam champion is in the heart of the storm. >>> pictures of tiger woods surface, reportedly showing the missing golf star holed up in this sleepy, southern town. but what's he doing there? >>> and diet wars in court. two of america's welterweight diet giants set to duke it it in a slimdown showdown. why valerie bertinelli could be exhibit "a." >>> and there is a lot of news this morning. it looks like john edwards finally going to admit that he's the father of the child of his former campaign worker. he's goi
>>> good morning, america, on this wednesday, january 6th. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. >>> we have breaking news overnight. two key senate democrats heading for the exits including connecticut's chris dodd. will twe be a republican year? >> frozen nation. this is a temperature right now in the midwest as the deadly cold snap shows no sign of letting up. 32 states now under a winter weather watch. we're live across the country with your frigid forecast. >>> death of an heiress. as police search for answers in the death of 30-year-old casey johnson, some wonder if her parents did the right thing cutting her off during a long struggle with drugs and alcohol. >>> and the search for baby gabriel. caught up in a heated custody battle, it is now a triangle. three sets of parents, so many lives but where is the baby? the police and his father want answers this morning. >>> as always so much to get to this morning including the breaking news out of the senate. a lot are talking about how cold it is. okay. well, this arctic blast now the lo longest, largest cold f
>>> good morning, america. on this tuesday, january 12th, i'm robin roberts. >> i'm george stephanopoulos. this morning, it's payback time. the white house set to place huge fees on the nation's biggest banks, just as those banks hand out billions in bonuses for top executives. a top banker lashes out overnight. >>> baseball's worth-kept secret, finally in the open. >> today was the hardest day of my life. >> mark mcgwire admits he did use steroids when he smashed baseball's home run record. but said he could have broken the record even without them. >>> hit and run. look at this. police in a desperate search for a driver who ran down two, young girls. how did they ever survive this crash? >>> and simon says he's moving on. can "american idol" survive without the man so many love to hate? >>> and good morning, everyone. thanks for starting your day with us. a lot of angry people out there today. >> boy, are there, robin. it is all about the outrage. all across the country, outrage at wall street, about the huge bonuses they're about to pay. the white house, proposing fees o
>>> good morning, america. on this monday, january 18th, i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. this morning, surviving in haiti. six days after the earthquake, people are getting desperate. amid the chaos there's hope as rescue teams pull victims alive from the rubble. we are live in haiti. >>> also, breaking news in afghanistan. taliban launch an attack right in the capital. >>> and president obama's big test. he scrambles to save ted kennedy's seat for the democrats and keep his health care bill alive. >>> and the golden globe awards. all the glitz, all the glamour was there. plus, a serious note, as hollywood comes through for haiti. >>> hello again, on this martin luther king day. it is so good to have you back. >> it is odd, feels odd to be back here, but great to be back home. george, the pictures do not adequately convey and indicate, really what the destruction and devastation is like there in haiti. >> they never really do video as close to the tragedy. it also cleans it up a little bit. >> it does. >> the relief effort has stepped up, already 1,000 tr
>>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. this morning, decision day, president obama faces a massive defeat. voters heading to the polls right now. >>> and in haiti, panic rising. the u.s. military begins their dropping food and water. as officials say the death toll is likely 200,000. >>> oh, the weather in california. storms pummel the state, threatening mud slides, forcing evacuations. forecasters predict up to 20 inches of rain by the end of the week. >>> and late night, it's not just conan o'brien this time. the man accused of extorting money from david letterman goes to court today. >>> and baby ester, the little orphan girl we found in haiti, finally reunited with the american couple who adopted her. >>> you know, robin, you say you can't smiling. i don't think you can stop crying. >> these lashes have got to last me for a couple hours. well, we do have a happy ending to that story, she and her family, baby ester, are back here in the states, in the u.s., we'll talk to them ahead. >> she's not the only one getting out of haiti. th
of thousands are feared dead. >>> and i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. here at home, america rushes to help. rescue workers, doctors, soldiers and sailors, scramble to reach the 3 million people in need of relief. how will this country recover and rebuild? this morning, we are there as america responds. >>> good morning. on this thursday, january 14th. the eyes of the world are on the tiny nation of haiti. here's what we know right now. relief aid is starting to trickle in. but it may be coming too late for many victims. one haitian lawmaker estimating the dead at 500,000. up to 45,000 americans are trapped in haiti. and unfortunately natural disaster is not new to this country. this is the 15th calamity to hit them in just 9 years. we have new video of the moment the quake struck. you can see this security camera recording a quiet, steady scene. suddenly, it starts to shake. and the buildings began to collapse like dominos on the left side of the screen. robin roberts is leading a large team of abc news correspondents on the ground in haiti this morning. and we begin our coverage w
. >>> good morning, america. on this monday, january 25th, i'm robin roberts. >> i'm george stephanopoulos. this morning, new terror warnings. the leader of al qaedapeaking directly to the president makes new threats against america. brian ross says the hunt is on for two female suicide bombers. >>> political scramble. the president calls in a former top adviser to remake the democrats' message but is it too late to save his top priorities? >>> plus, bristol palin says she's going to remain celibate until married. oprah is not buying it but is the teen mom setting an example or setting herself up to fail? >> and -- ♪ oh when the saints >> who dat? the saints win in the big easy. next stop miami and peyton manning's colts. >>> oh, louis armstrong is en singing this morning. >> look at your colors. >> a little black and gold of the it was a thriller. overtime victory sends the saints -- look at that -- i mean like it's nothing. so they are now going to meet the indianapolis colts in super bowl xliv. we'll play monday morning quarterbacking >> that's going on at the white hou
% delicious. >>> good morning, america, on this tuesday, january 5th, i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this morning the president meets with top national security advisers. will anyone be fired for the failed courtroom bombing? >>> plus, three is a crowd. it turns out a third person crashed the first obama state dinner. how did the secret service miss him until now? >> the price of glory. the snowboarder in a coma after a nightmare training accident. are these extremeth leases pushing too hard in their quest for olympic gold? >>> tiger woods in the photos that have so many people talking this morning, photos taken four years ago at the height of his popularity about to hit newsstands now. >>> and thank you for starting your day with us. another big morning, a big day for the president as he is set to meet with his security team to discuss the fight against terror >> that's right. already making some changes revoking some u.s. visas adding more names to the list of people that have to go through extra screening before they board a plane. what more will the president anno
>>> good morning, america. i'm robin roberts, reporting live, again earthquake-ravaged haiti. and this morning, a race against time. despair turns to panic, as the haitian people enter day three with no food, water or medical supplies. amidst the heartbreak, incredible stories of heroism and hope. we bring it to you live this morning. >>> i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. here at home, one family's desperate cry for help answered. robin finds their missing, baby daughter caught in the earth quake a world away. >>> plus, a pain medicine is recalled. 6 million bottles pulled from shelves. and reports say the manufacturer knew for two years and did nothing. >>> jay leno gets his old gig back, as the biggest gamble in a decade goes bust. >>> good morning, again, everyone. what you're looking at is the national cathedral here in port-au-prince, haiti. it began being built in the late 1800s. it took 30 years to be build. 45 seconds to be destroyed. the news this morning, no other way to put it, but panic is begin doing set in. it's been three days without food, water or shelte
, america. >> good morning. it's saturday, january 23rd. and that star-studded telethon, raising millions of dollars for haiti. it comes just as we're learning this morning that the haitian government has declared the search and rescue effort is over now. but there were people rescued yesterday. >> ten days after. >> unbelievable stories. i just got back from covering haiti. very painful to see all this first-hand. but really good to see people opening their hearts and their wallets last night. and they need it. >> and it's good to see you in the flesh. >> thank you. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. we haven't been together. >>> i was in afghanistan before the quake hit. and now that tension has shifted a bit, i want to bring you some moments from over there. see how our boys are doing in the mountains along the pakistan border. living in a place called the valley of death. >> reflections from both of us coming up from both those places. >>> on a much lighter note. did you see conan last night? >> he went out with kind of a whimper. >> he had a funny week, though. with all of
, america. sit saturday, january 16th, four days after thearthquake that shattered that island nation. kate snow has been there since wednesday. kate, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. i have seen a lot of natural disasters in my year. this is by far the worst i have seen. we want to warn you we have graphic images coming up as well. overnight, people were everywhere. out on the streets, so many thousands of homeless people. i saw people in a park down the hill from here. thousands of them body next to body all sleeping together under makeshift tarps. haiti has given the u.s. control of the airport. we think that is good news. look at the lines of people lining up for food and water. you can see how desperate they are. one group had a signed that says s.o.s., pointing up at the helicopters. we're senses a shift in terms of the mood. people desperate and grows more so. some people were fights among themselves for food. i have to say, i was out all day yesterday. most of the people i saw were cooperating, sharing, getting along. those alive are feeling so thankful to be alive. we ha
>>> good morning, america. on this tuesday, january 26th. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. breaking news overnight. home grown terror. authorities arrest this man in a new jersey hotel, with an arsenal of weapons, asalt weapons. even maps of a military facility. >>> the white house announces a three-year freeze on domestic spending. what does this mean for you? >>> plus, president obama in his only interview before his state of the union address. and reaction from the man who ran against him in 2008, senator john mccain. >>> and more trouble for the kerrigan family. the once olympic hopeful with dreams of olympic gold, suffers a new tragedy. her father is dead, after an altercation with her father. >>> and stranded. 500 american tourists stuck in a storm on the machu picchu mountain in peru. threads of mudslides, as they wait to be air lifted to safety. >>> and we're so glad you could start your day with us. and a lot of news ahead, including those tourists, stranded on machu picchu, for three days now. there are actually 2,000 people stranded there after m
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